A look at the need for independence and self respect in women feminism

So, what exactly are we saying? Just as the criminalization of black youth renders them imperfect, so too does the sexualization of black women.

A look at the need for independence and self respect in women feminism

Currently there are two ideological poles, representing the prevailing tendencies within the movement. One is the direction toward new lifestyles within a women's culture, emphasizing personal liberation and growth, and the relationship of women to women.

Given our real need to break loose from the old patterns--socially, psychologically, and economically--and given the necessity for new patterns in the post revolutionary society, we understand, support and enjoy this tendency. However, when it is the sole emphasis, we see it leading more toward a kind of formless insulation rather than to a condition in which we can fight for and win power over our own lives.

Feminism and Classical Sociology

The other direction is one which emphasizes a structural analysis of our society and its economic base. It focuses on the ways in which productive relations oppress us. This analysis is also correct, but its strategy, taken alone, can easily become, or appear to be, insensitive to the total lives of women.

As socialist feminists, we share both the personal and the structural analysis. We see a combination of the two as essential if we are to become a lasting mass movement. We think that it is important to define ourselves as socialist feminists, and to start conscious organizing around this strategy.

This must be done now because of the current state of our movement. We have reached a crucial point in our history.

Socialist Feminism: A Strategy for the Women's Movement

On the one hand, the strengths of our movement are obvious: Thousands of women see themselves as part of the movement; a vaguely defined "women's consciousness" has been widely diffused through rap groups, demonstrations, action projects, counter-institutional activity, and through the mass media.

Women in the movement have a growing understanding of common oppression and the imperative of collective solutions. With the realization that what we saw as personal problems were in fact social ones, we have come to understand that the solutions must also be social ones.

With the realization that all women lack control over their lives, we have come to understand that that control can only be gained if we act together. We have come to understand the specific needs of various groups of women and that different groups of women have different ways in which they will fight for control over their own lives.

On the other hand, the women's movement is currently divided. In most places it is broken into small groups which are hard to find, hard to join, and hard to understand politically.

At the same time, conservative but organizationally clever entrepreneurs are attaching themselves to the movement, and are beginning to determine the politics of large numbers of people.

A look at the need for independence and self respect in women feminism

If our movement is to survive, let alone flourish, it is time to begin to organize for power. We need to turn consciousness into action, choose priorities for our struggles, and win. To do this we need a strategy. Our movement's strategy must grow from an understanding of the dynamics of power, with the realization that those who have power have a vested interest in preserving it and the institutional forms which maintain it.

Wresting control of the institutions which now oppress us must be our central effort if women's liberation is to achieve its goals. To reach out to most women we must address their real needs and self-interests.

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At this moment we think that it is important to argue for a strategy which will achieve the following three things: We argue here for socialist feminist organizations. We are not arguing for any one specific organization but for the successful development of organizations so that we may be able to learn from experience and bring our movement to its potential strength.Of all the elements involved that get women to become and remain attracted to you, respect is by far and away the most important.

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Women, and a little thing called “self-respect” Posted 01/24/14 by Kate Arends To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves – . When we look at the average relationship and marriage of men and women, it becomes apparent that some may look harmonious on the outside but many and most of them are really not a success and what one would call a celebration of joy and support.

Yet security and respect elude her. Feminist virtues are self-serving and their propaganda constantly calls for women to look out for themselves first, leaving husbands and children aside. Reject Feminism. Women need to ‘challenge the narrative’ and abandon feminism.

By laying down their arms, society will see a thaw in the. INTRODUCTION We have written this paper to express and share with other women ideas for a new strategy for the women's movement.

Currently there are two ideological poles, representing the prevailing tendencies within the movement.

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