Aaa essays

Bowel sounds are hypoactive. A midline palpable mass is noted 3 cm below the xiphoid process. Radial and brachial pulses are strong bilaterally, but femoral, posterior tibial, and dorsalis pedis pulses are faintly palpable bilaterally.

Aaa essays

Place quotation citations after the quote. Follow the year with a colon; then note the page s on which the original information appears. Note that there is no space between the colon and the page number s.

If you are citing reprinted material, type only the date from the version of the work used in your text. If a quotation takes up more than four manuscript lines, cite it as a block quotation.

Exclude the quotation marks and use brackets instead of parentheses to enclose the bibliographic information. The Aaa essays follow the sentence period.

Aaa essays

How to Use Tables and Appendices You must mention tables, graphs, and appendices in your paper at some point in the running text before they are displayed; otherwise, the material is not properly linked. Tables and graphs should not take up more than one-half of a page unless they are especially large, and should never exceed the width of the text on the page.

All tables containing information from other sources must include references back to those sources. Tables are placed within the body of the paper unless your professor requires them to be placed after the bibliography page. Appendices are always placed at the end of the paper, after the bibliography page and any tables or graphs.

The authors' names are the only information written on the first line of an AAA bibliography entry. Indent the second line approximately two spaces, and if necessary, indent the third line another two spaces. The date is the first piece of information written on the second line, followed by the name of the book, journal article, or work.

If the work comes from a journal, the name of the journal comes after the article title, and is followed by a period, and then the volume number, issue number in parentheses, a colon, and the pages cited. If the work is a book, the second line includes the date, name of the book, publication city, publisher, and pages cited.

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Aaa essays

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