Case 4 unraveling the jargon

The selvages keep the fabric from unraveling or fraying. In most fabric stores, you will find fabric folded in half lengthwise and then wound around a bolt. When the fabric store cuts fabric for you, they will cut you off a piece that is perpendicular to the selvage. So you will always have a selvage along both sides of your piece of fabric.

Case 4 unraveling the jargon

As a solution, I would recommend the design of a master database each of which would employ relational technology to reduce the database to third normal form. This would eliminate the possibility of semantic disintegrity upon querying the database.

Try to guess what the consultant said? Justify the use of technical jargon. What the consultant was trying to say is that base on his investigation, with the expertise that he have and upon checking the folder where the database application is placed, he already found the cause of an error or problem within the database.

The problem is data overloading. Data Overloading means that there are many unused or inappropriate data that was inserted inside the database application. Transforming the data base in the third normal will eliminate semantic integrity or an illogical or incorrect placement of values in the database.

Case 4 unraveling the jargon

Using technical jargon is appropriate whenever the one you are talking to is at the same expertise as yours. Many people are considering it useful for the people inside a professional field. They can use jargon to get information faster. Some people use technical jargon to make oneself seem superior by using words and terms that others cannot understand.

Technical jargons are recommended to use but in the right time, the right place and with the right people where they can understand the terms that you are using. Information System in Restaurant A waiter takes an order at a table, and then enters it online via one of the six terminals located in the restaurant dining room.

The order is routed to a printer in the appropriate preparation area: This gives the waiters faster feedback, enabling them to give better service to the customers. Other system features aid management in the planning and control of their restaurant business. The system provides up-to-the-minute information on the food items ordered and breaks out percentages showing sales of each item versus total sales.

The system also compares the weekly sales totals versus food costs, allowing planning for tighter cost controls.

In addition, whenever an order is voided, the reasons for the void are keyed in. This may help later in management decisions, especially if the voids consistently related to food or service.

Acceptance of the system by the users is exceptionally high since the waiters and waitresses were involved in the selection and design process. All potential users were asked to give their impressions and ideas about the various systems available before one was chosen.

In the light of the system, describe the decisions to be made in the area of strategic planning, managerial control and operational control? What information would you require to make such decisions?

What would make the system a more complete MIS rather than just doing transaction process? Explain the probable effects that making the system more formal would have on the customers and the management. Some decisions that should be considered in the area of strategic planning are: A strategic decision that will be made should affect the long-term direction of the company.

Decisions in this sector should be about trying to achieve some advantage for the company and avoiding bringing an out of the place decisions that will harm the consistency of the company. A strategic decision should also consider the effect this decision on the employees because they will be the one to do the work.

It should also be the best and applicable choice among the set of alternatives that has been suggested. Most importantly, this decision should involve changes within the company and this change should be an improvement. An Operation Control Decision involves three major considerations based on my opinion.

An operational decision should be precise, fast, and cost-effective. First, it should be precise because a successful operational decision uses data quickly and effectively in the right action, looking like a knowledgeable employee with the right reports and analysis.CASE STUDY 1 – Unraveling the Jargon The consultant’s reply was: “In my investigation of your applications portfolios, I’ve applied to the logical data structures and have discovered a very high frequency – approximately % - of data embedded in application program logic which is largely responsible for the integrity and synchronization problem currently being  · Holmes says this to Watson in Chapter 4 of ‘A Study in Scarlet’.

The colour ‘scarlet’ refers to the colour of blood and the ‘thread’ refers to the string of clues that Holmes and Watson must follow to The Unraveling: Standing Firm Against the Gathering Storm David • April 15, • 0 Comments If fewer and fewer people hold to a belief in Almighty God, and the decline in the institution of marriage and the traditional family continues, the consequences are  · The PLA and National Security Decisionmaking: Insights from China’s Behavior in its Territorial Disputes Unraveling myths about the military role in foreign policy making," Journal of Contemporary In the jargon of political science, it requires that analysts clearly and precisely  · So, I generally sew forward stitches, backstitch the same amount, and then continue sewing forward.

BASTING STITCH: A basting stitch is a set of long stitches (as in turn your stitch length up to the longest possible) that are usually used to hold something together  · Section 4 reviews the innovation journey of China’s aerospace industry and summarizes the formation process of the technological innovation pattern.

In Section 5, a case study of a representative firm in China’s aerospace industry is implemented to understand the achievements of the technological innovation

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