Jack london research paper

I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot.

Jack london research paper

Biography of Jack London Jack Londoniconic American author wrote Call of the Wild ; Buck did not read the newspapers, or he would have known that trouble was brewing, not alone for himself, but for every tide-water dog, strong of muscle and with warm, long hair, from Puget Sound to San Diego.

Because men, groping in the Arctic darkness, had found a yellow metal, and because steamship and transportation companies were booming the find, thousands of men were rushing into the Northland.

These men wanted dogs, and the dogs they wanted were heavy dogs, with strong muscles by which to toil, and furry coats to protect them from the frost. Cleverly portraying the animals' point of view White Fang follows similar themes. As the two most popular novels of London's based on his own life experiences in the Yukon, they have inspired numerous authors' works, and adaptations for television and film.

During his short lifetime of forty years, London developed great passions for sailing, travelling, ranching, and the wilderness, and his works encompass the myriad interests he embraced to the full. Virginia "Jenny" Prentissan ex-slave was Jack's wet nurse and would prove to have a great and positive influence on her young charge's life.

After Chaney left Flora they had never married she wed John London in Jack london research paper was given his last name and he now had two step-sisters Eliza and Ida. The Londons lived in various places in the Bay area, and while young Jack attended school, there was also pressure on him to help contribute to Jack london research paper family income.

At the age of ten he was selling newspapers and learning some hard lessons in life; I was born in the working-class. Early I discovered enthusiasm, ambition, and ideals; and to satisfy these became the problem of my child-life. My environment was crude and rough and raw.

I had no outlook, but an uplook rather. My place in society was at the bottom. Here life offered nothing but sordidness and wretchedness, both of the flesh and the spirit; for here flesh and spirit were alike starved and tormented.

But the drudgery of these occupations did not dampen his enterprising spirit or intellectual enthusiasm for reading and writing. While living in Oakland he discovered the public library and immersed himself in literature. Having taught himself to sail at a very early age, in the s, with money borrowed from Prentiss, London bought the sloop Razzle Dazzle and worked as an "oyster pirate" in the Bay.

When I was sixteen I had already earned the title of "prince. After Londons' own sloop was pirated, stripped of her ropes and anchors, he decided he had had enough of capitalist enterprise and in set out to experience the life of a tramp " Nothing could have given him greater insight into the human condition and the class system of haves and have-nots.

Upon returning to California and realising that he wanted a better life for himself than merely toiling away physically, London decided to become a "brain merchant" and set about in the "frantic pursuit of knowledge.

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While London had already been writing for some time, his first story being "Typhoon Off The Coast Of Japan" which he wrote after a stint on the sloop Sophia Sutherland off the coasts of Siberia and Japan, he earnestly put pen to paper now and embarked on what would be his successful career as writer of essays, short stories, news items, and novels.

In he joined the Socialist Labour Party. It is quite fair to say that I became a Socialist in a fashion somewhat similar to the way in which the Teutonic pagans became Christians--it was hammered into me.

Not only was I not looking for Socialism at the time of my conversion, but I was fighting it. I was very young and callow, did not know much of anything, and though I had never even heard of a school called "Individualism," I sang the paean of the strong with all my heart.

In London was among the first hordes to leave for the Klondike during the Gold Rush. It was a perilous time; he found no gold and suffered scurvy, living out the winter in his now-famous Klondike cabin.

It was there that he wrote the ominous "To Build A Fire"; he also gained invaluable experience for future writings.

Jack london research paper

Back in Oakland, London met Anna Strunsky who would become a life-long friend, and with whom he would co-author The Kempton-Wace Letters On 7 April London married Bess Maddern with whom he would have two daughters: Joan and Bess They divorced in The same year he was married, London's first book was published, The Son of the Wolf London served several stints as journalist; during the Russo-Japanese war in London was war correspondent for the San Francisco Examiner, for Collier's in reported on the earthquake in San Francisco, and travelled to Mexico to report on the revolution.

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