Leder conceptualisation of the absent body sociology essay

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Leder conceptualisation of the absent body sociology essay

Aspects of production such as sexuality, menstruation, contraception and fertility have principally occupied the minds of physicians. The male body has not been the object of similar research efforts - with a notable exception during war times, when men needed to be shaped and prepared for national action against 'the enemy'.

Then, many medical professionals positioned themselves in the forefront of supporting national policies - using and abusing ways and means of medical intervention to contribute to the victory of the military-industrial complex.

Medicine holds a strong association with the military. This is particularly documented in linguistic metaphors such as "combat against a disease", "war against a virus" and "prevention against illness".

The medical profession appears to be continually on the war path. There are always diseases to be fought. The human body has become a battle ground second to none. Moreover, the individual is held responsible for the 'bad' body shape and the subsequent necessity of the medical profession to intervene in its functions.

This represents the moralistic side of the issue and enables health professionals and lay people alike to call on the individual to "better behave or else".

When it comes to women, one may even say that the combat against diseases has turned into a War Against Women as Marilyn French demonstrates in her book by the same title.

Leder conceptualisation of the absent body sociology essay

The female body is seen as a reservoir of aberrations which require constant treatment. The power of reproduction needs to be controlled, so it seems, by carefully trained health workers, namely gynaecologists.

Breaking the Metaphor: Augmented Reality Theory and the New Aesthetic - Cyborgology

It is interesting to note that an equivalent professional group caring for the male body does not exist. Men do not seem to need gender-specific medical attention. The control of the human body is seen to be particularly vital during women's fertile years, i.

At least that is what we thought until a few years ago. Meanwhile we are witness to a new wave of medical control over the female body which goes beyond the realms of fertility. Menopause has become the new arena of medical intervention, even women's infertile years are subject to regular medical surveillance and intervention.

One of the last natural processes has become medicalised leaving women in a weakened position regarding "what is normal and what is not" because "the doctor knows best". This development is not only a matter of medical preferences and decisions.

The female body is also an object of social powers. The ideological metaphors of post-traditional societies embrace youth as one of its key categories around which individual and collective ways of life are to be shaped.

The young body, so it seems, is the only body which deserves its name. Bodies, by definition, have to stay young, come what may and irrespective of associated costs. Famous public figures like Diana Ross, Joan Collins and Michael Jackson represent the success stories of modelling the human body according to plan.

The message displayed by these bodies is: Rarely are financial outlays and psychological costs of cosmetic surgery considered and the idea of artificially constructed "youth" or rather artificially constructed images of youth is not reflected upon.Angel Pedagogies of the obscene: the specular body and demonstration Jane Gallop Seminar Papers, Proceedings of the Jane Gallop Seminar and Public Lecture 'The Teachers Breasts', June BARTHES, R.

() A Lover's Discourse: fragments, tr. Richard Hurley (New York, Hill and Wang). 1 HEL Vitenskapsteori og sentrale helsevitenskapelige tema (10 sp) Litteraturliste H Kjernelitteratur I. Kropp, helse og sykdom i spenningsfeltet mlm naturvitenskapelige-.

Rape is normally committed, examined and conceptualized as an act committed by an individual and is explained as an act of power and control over the victims. Rape is less often examined from the context of group behavior and as a function of group dynamics.

In wartime, rape has historically been. Nail also presents his study as historical but does not work on archives, as Foucault for instance had done, and as sociological, but bodies, subjectivities, on the ground experience of migration, are absent .

The Body and Shame will be of great interest to scholars and students in a wide variety of fields, including philosophy, phenomenology, feminist theory, women’s studies, social theory, cultural studies, psychology, sociology, and medical humanities.

Essay on Sociological Knowledge in Nursing - Sociology is the study of human social behavior, communities and society. It involves the evolution of society and human behavior and it focuses on how society can change human behavior based on interaction with each other (Bennett, B., p.2).

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