Malaysian handicraft essay

Copperware Khatumbandh The popularity as well as the importance of Kashmiri Shawls in the handicraft market of Jammu and Kashmir is very old. These delicate shawls are soft and comfortable to use and has a great demand in the international market. The making of these shawls is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of concentration and patience. The embroidery in these shawls is done by colorful threads and the raw material is hand weaved before using for embroidery.

Malaysian handicraft essay

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Malaysian handicraft essay

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HOME Free Essays How to Promote Homestay in Malaysia. How to Promote Homestay in Malaysia Essay. B. Pages:4 Words games, religious practice and handicraft. History, culture and religion are the element of tourism.

Many tourists visit these places to see the unique history and culture.

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