Of mice and men revision

Lennie and George's relationship The very first section of Of Mice and Men is devoted to Lennie and George, in which both their characters are created. They are almost opposites, with George's "sharp, defined" features and Lennie's "shapeless face". Lennie's mentality is created from the moment we see him, as he rushes for the water, lapping it up "like a horse".

Of mice and men revision

One main theme of Mice and Men is loneliness, as almost every character wants to make a connection with someone but fails to do so. The characters fear losing the weak connection they already have.

The story is centered on these two Migrant workers George Milton and Lennie Small, who travel together looking for jobs on the farm in California Salinas Valley.

George and Lenny are unusual because they always stick together as Migrant workers and loners. George takes care of Lenny, they have a dream of one day getting their own farm. At the beginning of the book George and Lenny arrive at a small pond they have been travelling all day on their way to a farm, they stop for a rest.

George notices Lenny is holding something and makes him hand it over; its a dead mouse that Lenny was petting in his pocket, George makes him hand it over then he throws it into the brush. George complains that his life would be so easier if he didn't have to take care of Lenny; he wouldn't have to worry about Lenny getting into trouble, like he did at the last farm.

Lenny saw a girl in a red dress and he liked the look of her dress so much that he wanted to touch it. But when Lenny touched the dress the girl screamed, Lenny panicked and grabbed hold of the dress.

The girl complained that she was raped, a mob formed to try and catch Lenny. Lenny asked George to tell him again how they are different from other guys, George gives a speech he says most guys who work on ranches are lonely they have no family and have nothing to look forward to and don't belong anywhere, but he and Lenny are different and one day they are going to get there own place they will have their own little house and they can raise cows and chicken and have a vegetable patch, they will have a rabbit hutch too and Lenny can look after the rabbits too.

When he is alone and gets into any trouble he should come back to the pond and hide in the brush. The boss leaves and an old man named Candy turns up with his old sheep dog.

While he is a talking to George and Lenny, Curly comes in looking for the boss who is his father. He notices George and Lenny and he asks them a bunch of questions and generally acts like a jerk. After Curly leaves Candy explains that Curly is a pretty good boxer and he hates big guys like Lenny because he is not big himself.

Book Summary

George warns that he better not start with Lenny because he is strong and doesn't fight with any rules. Candy says Curly's wife flirts with all the farmers especially Slim.

The next Chapter starts an unspecified time later, after working all day George comes into the bunk house with Slim a Jerk line skimmer?

George thanks Slim for giving Lenny one of his puppies from his dogs new litter. George use to play lots of jokes on Lenny, so one day he got Lenny to jump into a river. Lenny couldn't swim and almost drowned, but he was so nice to George because he helped him by pulling him out of the river and George never did anything mean to him again.

Candy comes back into the bunk house with his dog and an other worker Carlson follows them in shortly after. Carlson starts talking about how Candy's dog smells and how it is old and suffering and how he can shoot the dog in the back of the head to put it out of its misery and the dog wouldn't even feel a thing; candy could get another puppy from Slim.

Candy protests but the general opinion of the bunk house seems to be they should put the dog down. Candy gives in and Carlson leads the dog out.

A young labourer named Whit comes in and then there is some strange silent and awkward conversation while everyone tries not to talk about Candy's dog. Crookes an old black man comes in and tells Slim that Lenny keeps messing with the puppies; taking them away from their mother and playing with them.

Of mice and men revision

Slim and Crookes go out to the barn to check on Lenny. Carlson comes back in and Lenny comes in to, Carlson sits in his bunk and doesn't say anything about Candy's dog he just sits on his bunk cleaning his gun.

Curly walks in and asks if anyone has seen his wife, he realises Slim is not in the bunk house. When George says Slim went to the barn Curly leaves in a hurry, Whit and Carlson go out behind him expecting a fight if Curly catches his wife with Slim.

Lenny asks George how long its going to be till they have their own farm so they can raise rabbits, George says he doesn't know but they have to save a lot of money first.

Lenny asks George to tell him again what the place will be like, George starts describing it. He says they will have ten acres with their own house and a windmill a chicken run and orchard trees like apple and peach trees.

It will be their place where they belong and they wont have to travel around any more or plant crops for someone else or buck barley for eleven hours a day.

Lenny says they will also have rabbits he can take care of. Candy asks if George really knows of such a place and how much it would cost. George is offensive and wants to know why Candy is asking.

Candy explains that he is not much use to anyone since he has only one hand, its only a matter of time before they get rid of him; he has money saved up and George can put it towards the farm if he can get in on the plan with George and Lenny. With Candy's money they can actually buy the place, so they plan to save money for another month, than to collect their pay and leave.

Of mice and men revision

Slim, Curly, Carlson and Whit all come in together, Curly keeps apologising to Slim apparently for suspecting Slim to be with his wife.'Of Mice and Men': An interactive revision quiz A fun revision activity with sections on symbolism, themes and image association.

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aspiringteacher95, Apr 2, • In essence, Of Mice and Men is as much a story about the nature of human dreams and aspirations and the forces that work against them as it is the story of two men. TITUS SALT SCHOOL REVISION GUIDES Of Mice and Men Context This novel is set in the mid to late s, in California, America.

This was a significant time in American history and is. John Malkovich playing Lennie Small in the Of Mice and Men Film.

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A mentally disabled, but physically strong man who travels with George and is his constant companion. he dreams of "livin' off the fatta the lan'" in a little house with George where he will be able tend the rabbits.

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