Rencontre homme de msaken

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Rencontre homme de msaken

Robert W. Sidweber

Welcome to Tunis, Tunisia, and the University of Carthage, one Rencontre homme de msaken the largest higher education institutions in Tunisia. Tunisia is a country in full transition. Since the revolution four years ago, we have been able to establish institutions to support the political, social and economic dynamics of Tunisia.

This Commission opened the door and paved the way for the first free and fair elections in our country in late As a next step, Rencontre homme de msaken Constitutional Assembly was elected, and it drafted a new, modern and democratic constitution.

This process was supported by both a transitional government and a strong civil society, which is committed to the progress of people power and the social cohesion of the country.

The people of Tunisia further honoured this revolutionary path to democracy by electing - for the second time - a legislature in October In Decemberthe people elected a new head of state.

As a key player in this process, the General Trade Union of Tunisia UGTT has been instrumental in making democratic ideas more common among citizens and supporting the further modernization of the country.

Now is the time to bring the ideas and practices of direct and participatory democracy to the local and regional level, where the first elections will be held in the near future. To decentralize Tunisia by active participation of its citizens will be an important step towards a better balance and equality between different parts of the country.

It is a unique opportunity to make you all part of our common effort towards active citizenship and participatory democracy on all political levels - and to show all kinds of anti-democratic forces that we will not let them scare us!

The forum is an expression of the people power dynamism established by the declaration of the 2nd Republic, the formation of a new coalition 4 MP LIVRE carthage The Global Forum offers a historic opportunity to discuss, assess and consider the next steps in implementing the constitutional requirements to decentralize the country by participatory means.

The role of young people, women and the protection of our cultural heritage and environment will also be important subjects at the Forum. After all, it was young people who started the Arab Spring with the Revolution in December — with the goal of building a better future for everybody.

Once again, welcome to the Global Forum! La Tunisie est pays en pleine transition. It is a key issue not only in our host country Tunisia, but also in many other societies around the globe. So welcome to four days of intense conversation in Tunis at the University of Carthage.

Rencontre homme de msaken

The Global Forum process is about sharing and comparing. These are exciting and perilous times for those who believe in democracy.

Rencontre homme de msaken

Last year, more people participated in elections than ever before. But as democracy and modern direct democracy grow in reach, they become more threatening to those who would rule us un-democratically. And so our success in spreading the right of citizen lawmaking to people around the world creates greater perils.

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This forum will focus on how we respond to those threats — through decentralization of democracy, which provides a bulwark against threats, and by building new kinds of civic media and other democratic infrastructure.

The progress that our hosts have made — progress about which we will hear so much during the forum — is exciting, and it opens new opportunities.

But it is accompanied by dangers, a tragic fact that the world saw this March when terrorists attacked the national museum Bardo and killed many innocent people. The global forum process is now in its eighth year. Those of you who have joined us previously — in Montevideo, in San Francisco, in Seoul, in Switzerland — know the power of these gatherings.

But we have never been so excited about a forum as we are about this one. It is not just that our hosts — at the University of Carthage and among the civil society organizations that have been so vital to democratization and the building of civil society in Tunisia — will impress you.

It is not just that we will be gathering in spring, that most optimistic of seasons, in the birthplace of the Arab Spring. It is that there is nothing so exciting as the experience of sharing in the stories of those who have made difficult and democratic progress in these perilous times.

La dynamique du Forum Mondial a pour objet le partage et la comparaison. Towards a more participative democracy in the Arab world and beyond statements by Habib Choubani, government minister for relations with the parliament and the civil society, Morocco, Kamel Jendoubi, Tunisian minister in charge of relation with constitutional institutions and civil society and Lazhar Akremi, Tunisian minister in charge of relations with the parliement.

In this workshop, we are interested in discussing the rise of social media and its impact on political participation — and to present various toolkit for direct and participatory democracy.

The growing role of women in the democratization processes in Tunisia and other countries is a key issue to be assessed.

A more accessible and equal society, where women and men are on similar footing is an important factor for success and progress. In this workshop we will share stories, experiences, research and promoting projects form Tunisia, other Arab countries and around the world.

A growing number of new political parties across Europe and the world underlines the need for more direct and participative democracy.

Their political approaches and successes are different from country to country — this workshop offers an overview and better understanding for how indirect and direct democracy can interact. Citizens media and journalism can become an important source of democratic conversations and in this workshop we will address current examples, made experiences and forthcoming challenges.Site de rencontre pour artiste peintre madame bovary la rencontre rencontre homme de msaken traduction rencontrer, site de rencontre meetic gratuit, rencontre sur bxl, rencontre pays bas, sites rencontres pour jeunes maroc Rencontre Rencontres rassemble des sketches qui ont été écrits pour.

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Atelier interactif avec Ali Anouzla (Maroc), éditeur en chef, Wael Abbas (Egypte), journaliste et activiste des droits de l’homme, Saloua Ghazouani (Tunisie), directrice de ARTICLE 19, Abdullah Abdulaziz Elmdifer (Royaume de l’Arabie Saoudite), journaliste et animateur de télévision, Naji Bghouri (Tunisie), président de l.

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