The reforms of the rockefeller drug laws that were urged by gen barry mccaffrey

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The reforms of the rockefeller drug laws that were urged by gen barry mccaffrey

Military Moves Into Mexico April 1, Personal Introduction On February 9,while traveling south on curvy, mountainous Chiapas Highwaywe encountered a long, heavily supplied Mexican military convoy, carrying hundreds of armed soldiers.

Among the new uniforms and equipment, I believed I recognized U.

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Later I learned that we had seen the beginning of a major military offensive which ravaged many communities, and whose goal was the capture of Zapatista leaders. Only a few days earlier, on January 30,U. Though Congress opposed the deal, Clinton was adamant.

He bypassed Congress and facilitated the fiscal relief package through other channels: I have come to understand that this kind of economy is defined and driven by various international speculators, domestic wealthy interests, and World Bank and IMF theorists and programs.

As I began to see more of Mexico it became apparent that the vast majority of the people are experiencing ever more poverty and misery under this kind of economics. Mexico has a history of resisting U.

So why was the United States now involved in helping the Mexican government chase its own citizens around the jungles of Chiapas? And why was Mexico allowing it to happen?

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I returned to Mexico ten months later, in Decemberto study Spanish and to learn about the lives of the people, to understand what the Mexican government was doing to its poorest citizens. During my stay, I visited a number of ancient Mayan sites and visited more than thirty Indigenous communities in the "conflict zone," where the Zapatistas and the Mexican army maintained a tense truce.

Twice I flew over the conflict region in a small Cessna plane, observing much of the scarred jungle and numerous military outposts.

I experienced extended visits in four communities, and was fortunate to meet and talk with many citizens of Chiapas—small farmers, business people, anthropologists, church and human rights workers, and various people I met on the streets of San Cristobal.

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The impact of the many stories people told me was crushing. My heart ached as it had in war-ravaged Vietnam, Nicaragua and El Salvador. The troops I had seen—troops all over Chiapas during the February offensive—were operating as a terrorist force. And police and paramilitary units were involved as well.

The reforms of the rockefeller drug laws that were urged by gen barry mccaffrey

Soldiers would enter a Zapatista community and drive the people out and into the mountains with just the clothes on their backs. Soldiers would burn some buildings, destroy crops, damage precious water supplies, then leave. Costs are low, few soldiers are endangered, nothing makes the newspapers in the cities.

But small vibrant communities of human beings are devastated.In , retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey went even further by insisting that President Trump was a “serious threat to U.S.

The reforms of the rockefeller drug laws that were urged by gen barry mccaffrey

national security.” Coming from the leader of the failed war on drugs McCaffrey’s statement is rich, but his comments and those of Abrams speak volumes. Retired four-star Army Gen.

Barry McCaffrey said, “It was without question a political stunt for the midterm elections. There was no — zero — national security issue at stake.”.

Rockefeller Drug Law Reforms Go Into Effect By Eric T. Schneiderman Today is an historic day for the state of New York as the Rockefeller .

Full text of "Prescription for addiction?: the Arizona and California medical drug use initiatives: hearing before the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Fourth Congress, second session, on examining the newly adopted initiatives that modify Arizona and California law by decriminalizing drug use in some circumstances, December 2, ".

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Barstow focuses today on the numerous, undisclosed conflicts of interest of Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who continues to be featured frequently by NBC News as an objective analyst as he opines about war policies in which he has a substantial (and concealed) financial stake.

The Council on Foreign Relations has unlawfully and knowingly combined, conspired, and agreed to substantially contribute to the establishment of one world order under the totalitarian dictatorship, the direction and the control of members of Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and members of their branch.

The Slippery Slope: U.S. Military Moves Into Mexico | S. Brian Willson