The unity of the twelve minor

The derivation of the word has been much debated. It is now agreed that it is derived from the Greek kyriakon cyriaconi. This, though the less usual expression, had apparently obtained currency among the Teutonic races. The Northern tribes had been accustomed to pillage the Christian churches of the empire, long before their own conversion.

The unity of the twelve minor

The derivation of the word has been much debated. It is now agreed that it is derived from the Greek kyriakon cyriaconi. This, though the less usual expression, had apparently obtained currency among the Teutonic races.

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The Northern tribes had been accustomed to pillage the Christian churches of the empire, long before their own conversion. Hence, even prior to the arrival of the Saxons in Britaintheir language had acquired words to designate some of the externals of the Christian religion.

The present article is arranged as follows: The term Ecclesia Its constitution by Christ; the Church after the Ascension Its organization by the Apostles The Church, a divine society The Church, the necessary means of salvation Visibility of the Church The principle of authority; infallibility; jurisdiction Members of the Church Indefectibility of the Church; continuity Universality of the Church; the "Branch" Theory Notes of the Church The Church, a perfect society The term ecclesia In order to understand the precise force of this word, something must first be said as to its employment by the Septuagint translators of the Old Testament.

Although in one or two places Psalm Ordinarily it is employed as the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew qahal, i. Two Hebrew words are employed in the Old Testament to signify the congregation of Israelviz. In the Septuagint these are rendered, respectively, ekklesia and synagoge.

Thus in Proverbs 5: In the writings of the New Testament the words are sharply distinguished. With them ecclesia denotes the Church of Christ; synagoga, the Jews still adhering to the worship of the Old Covenant.


Occasionally, it is trueecclesia is employed in its general significance of "assembly" Acts The word as a technical expression had been transferred to the community of Christian believers.

It has been frequently disputed whether there is any difference in the signification of the two words. Augustine Enarration on Psalm 77 distinguishes them on the ground that ecclesia is indicative of the calling together of mensynagoga of the forcible herding together of irrational creatures: But it may be doubted whether there is any foundation for this view.

Jewish People, II, Though the evidence for this distinction is drawn from the Mishna, and thus belongs to a somewhat later date, yet the difference in meaning probably existed at the time of Christ's ministry.

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But however this may have been, His intention in employing the term, hitherto used of the Hebrew people viewed as a church, to denote the society He Himself was establishing cannot be mistaken. It implied the claim that this society now constituted the true people of Godthat the Old Covenant was passing away, and that He, the promised Messiaswas inaugurating a New Covenant with a New Israel.

As signifying the Church, the word Ecclesia is used by Christian writers, sometimes in a wider, sometimes in a more restricted sense. It is employed to denote all who, from the beginning of the world, have believed in the one true Godand have been made His children by grace.

Gregory Book V, Epistle 18 writes: It may signify the whole body of the faithfulincluding not merely the members of the Church who are alive on earth but those, too, whether in heaven or in purgatorywho form part of the one communion of saints.

The unity of the twelve minor

It is further employed to signify the Church Militant of the New Testament. Even in this restricted acceptation, there is some variety in the use of the term. The disciples of a single locality are often referred to in the New Testament as a Church Revelation 2: Paul even applies the term to disciples belonging to a single household Romans Moreover, it may designate specially those who exercise the office of teaching and ruling the faithfulthe Ecclesia Docens Matthew In all these cases the name belonging to the whole is applied to a part.

The term, in its full meaning, denotes the whole body of the faithfulboth rulers and ruled, throughout the world Ephesians 1: It is in this meaning that the Church is treated of in the present article. As thus understood, the definition of the Church given by Bellarmine is that usually adopted by Catholic theologians: The accuracy of this definition will appear in the course of the article.

The Church in prophecy Hebrew prophecy relates in almost equal proportions to the person and to the work of the Messias. This work was conceived as consisting of the establishment of a kingdomin which he was to reign over a regenerated Israel.

The prophetic writings describe for us with precision many of the characteristics which were to distinguish that kingdom. Christ during His ministry affirmed not only that the prophecies relating to the Messias were fulfilled in His own personbut also that the expected Messianic kingdom was none other than His Church.

A consideration of the features of the kingdom as depicted by the Prophetsmust therefore greatly assist us in understanding Christ's intentions in the institution of the Church.

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Indeed many of the expressions employed by Him in relation to the society He was establishing are only intelligible in the Light of these prophecies and of the consequent expectations of the Jewish people. It will moreover appear that we have a weighty argument for the supernatural character of the Christian revelation in the precise fulfillment of the sacred oracles.PREFACE C.

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The unity of the twelve minor

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