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Thesis defense procedures Scheduling the thesis defense After the submission of the thesis, the student will receive an email message listing the names of the referees who have been appointed as the student's PhD Approval Committee. As soon as the date is set, the student must record the date by using a designated online service at the FGS website. The defense must take place at the Weizmann Campus in the presence of all parties concerned. The defense has two parts:

Thesis navigation menu code

This option is designed Thesis navigation menu code students who have a clearly defined topic, can find a supervisor, and can meet tight deadlines in order to complete all program requirements within the normal time limit. The thesis option is typically carried out in the second year of the two-year program.

Faculty approval is required.

Thesis navigation menu code

Part-time MI students may enroll in the thesis option only after the successful completion of eight half-courses. Students wishing to combine the thesis option with a Collaborative Specialization are advised to consult with the MI program director about compatibility. The general guideline is that the length of a thesis, and the scope of work it reflects, should be proportionate to the 2.

The minimum length of a thesis should be determined in consultation with the supervisory committee, but the maximum length should not exceed 21, words including notes, but excluding appendices, bibliography, tables, and figures.

The student and supervisor are responsible for keeping the scope of the work within these limits, and should agree on a target length at the proposal stage. Theses that exceed the length limit may not be permitted to go forward for defense.

The format and scope of the thesis project will be determined by the supervisory committee based on the expectations and norms of the disciplines the thesis draws upon. In some cases, a prototype, design, or coded element may be considered the substantive component of the thesis work.

Students and supervisors are encouraged to consult with them periodically throughout the thesis process.

As of 1 January , the new Graduate Research Progress Managment Policy and accompanying Procedures will come into effect. Please refer to the Monash Policy Bank to view these documents. The Doctoral and Research Master's Handbooks will be updated to reflect these changes in due  · The Napoleonic Code ‒ or Code Napoléon, officially the Code civil des Français ‒ is the French civil code established under Napoléon I in The code did not allow privileges based on birth (such as nobility). [1] A Complete Guide To Using a Navigation Menu in WordPress The WordPress menu system is one of the best parts of WordPress. It makes creating and adding a navigation menu

Program of study for MI thesis option The thesis option may be completed within either the MI general program pathway or the concentration pathway. Four or five required half courses 2. Students who began their MI degree programs prior to have the option of following the current thesis requirements or working under the thesis requirements in place when they first enrolled at the Faculty of Information.

Thesis Development

The supervisory committee consists of: Exam Committee The Thesis Examination Committee is formed once the thesis is ready for defense, about seven weeks prior to the defense date.

It consists of the thesis supervisor, the second reader, a non-voting Chair, and an external examiner who is: External examiners who cannot be present in person for the defense may participate via teleconference or the equivalent. Thesis Proposal The proposal should contain detail sufficient to describe the significance, background and rationale for the thesis and the work the student will perform for the thesis.

Supervisors should guide students in structuring a proposal appropriate to the disciplinary context of the project. The following list of elements is typical for a thesis proposal in Information; however, the Faculty recognizes that this list may not fit all thesis proposals and thus should be considered as illustrative only: Statement of the problem—includes the background, context in the information field and in the broader scheme of academic pursuits, key questions, significance of the problem, and description of chosen methodology.

Grounding and rationale—provides a representative review of theoretical, conceptual, technological or methodological precedents which directly relate to the thesis topic.

Research plan—details the methods that will be used or the processes that will be followed during the course of investigation.Note that Thesis versions prior to gave you the choice of 2 menu systems: the Thesis nav menu and the WordPress nav menu.

Thesis navigation menu code

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